Mixed Division

Mixed boats are lots of fun, mainly because they are a mix of men and women with a maximum of 10 men.


Women’s Division

All paddlers must be female. The drummer and stern may be male, unless the team intends to qualify for Dragon Boat Canada Club/Nationals, in which case the stern must be female.



Challenge Races


Great Grand Dragon (Senior C) Challenge

These teams are our most seasoned, which means all team members must be at least 59 or older on June 1st of the year in question! The drummer and stern can be any age. The Great Grand Dragon Challenge features the top 5 fastest teams from the first 2 races regardless of division. This means there could be both Mixed and Womens teams could be competing in the Great Grand Dragon Challenge. Gender restrictions are in effect (maximum 10 males).


Breast Cancer Survivors’ Challenge

All paddlers must be breast cancer survivors regardless of gender. The drummer and stern are not required to be breast cancer survivors and may be of either gender. Teams including cancer supporters are welcome to participate in the Carnation Toss and Paddle Arch, but are considered ineligible to win the Breast Cancer Survivors’ Challenge Cup.


Open Challenge

Open Challenge teams have no minimum gender requirements. For example, an all-male team can compete in the Open Division.


Corporate Challenge

Fifty per cent of the paddlers must share their place of employment and accordingly mixed division gender restrictions are in effect.