Who is racing in Victoria this year?

Please note: This list is manually updated as teams register, and is not automatically updated upon completing your team registration. Please wait 72 hours for your team’s name to be added to this list before contacting the Victoria Dragon Boat Festival office.


Team Name
Club Affiiation
22 in Sync Penticton Womens
Blue Herons Victoria VCKC Womens
Chix with Stix Nanaimo Womens
Comox Valley Dragonflies Comox Valley Womens
Deep Cove Wave Crashers North Vancouver Womens
Dragon's Afloat Comox Valley Womens
Easy Riders Cowichan Bay Separation Point Dragon Boat Society Womens
FGPC Gorge Us Gals Victoria FGPC Womens
FGPC Island Girls Victoria FGPC Womens
FGPC Vic Vixens Victoria FGPC Womens
FLCC Sundragons Langley Fort Langley Canoe Club Womens
Golden Dragons Women Portland, Oregon Womens
Island Breaststrokers Victoria VI Paddling Womens
Nusa'Lon Dragons Nanaimo Nanaimo Paddling Centre Womens
Port McNeill Dragon Slayers Port McNeill Womens
RCP Portland, Oregon Dragonsports USA Womens
Renegade DamselFlyers Alameda/Oakland, CA Alameda DragonFlyers/Oakland Renegades Womens
Seraphins Harrison Hot Springs Fraser Valley Dragon Boat Club Womens
Sisters in Sync Vancouver Dragon Zone Womens
Snappin' Dragons Victoria FGPC Womens
The Eh Team Women Vancouver FCRCC Womens
VIP GD HP 50+ Women Victoria VIP Womens
VIP Friends with STDs Victoria VIP Womens
WAM Women Seattle, WA SAKE Womens
FGPC Momentum Victoria FGPC Mixed Senior
Dragon Hearts ZERO! Vancouver Dragon Hearts DB Racing Club Mixed Junior
Ouroboros Platinum Vancouver Mixed Junior
Victoria Youth Paddling Club Victoria VYPC Mixed Junior
Alameda DragonFlyers Alameda, CA Mixed
BC Ferries Coast Busters Victoria Mixed
Blazing Paddles Victoria Mixed
Catch 22 Vancouver, WA Vancouver Lake Aquatic Club Mixed
Civil Serpents Victoria VI Paddling Mixed
Concord Pacific Flying Dragons Vancouver Mixed
Dogwood Nothin' Dragon Port Moody Mixed
Dragon Healers San Francisco, CA Mixed
Dreadnought Vancouver FCRCC Mixed
Fairway Dragon Express Victoria FGPC Mixed
FGPC Brew Crew Victoria FGPC Mixed
FGPC Dragon Flyers Victoria FGPC Mixed
FGPC Greenhorn Dragons Victoria FGPC Mixed
FGPC Outta Sight Victoria FGPC Mixed
FGPC RCAF Hornets Victoria FGPC Mixed
FGPC Rebel Alliance Victoria FGPC Mixed
FGPC Route 22 BC Transit Victoria FGPC Mixed
FGPC Snogard Warriors Victoria FGPC Mixed
FGPC WeiLong Victoria FGPC Mixed
Goblin Empire Victoria VIP Mixed
Golden Dragons Mixed Team Portland, Oregon Mixed
MS Warriors Victoria FGPC Mixed
Navy Dragon Anchors Victoria VI Paddling Mixed
Paddlers of the Fifth Moon Victoria FGPC Mixed
Prairie Dragons Regina Prairie Dragon Paddling Club Mixed
Prevailing Wins Comox Valley Mixed
Renegades Oakland, California Renegades Dragon Boat Club Mixed
RGL United Vancouver Mixed
Save-On-Foods Dragon Slayers Nanaimo Nanaimo Paddling Centre Mixed
Slegg Titans Victoria VIP Mixed
Swordfish Vancouver Mixed
Team Phoenix Victoria VI Paddling Mixed
The Eh Team Vancouver FCRCC Mixed
Thunder Strokers Harrison Hot Springs Mixed
UBC Thunder Vancouver Dragon Zone Mixed
VIP GD Juggernaut Victoria VIP Mixed
WAM (Washington Masters) Seattle, WA Seattle SAKE Mixed
Wasabi Grand Masters Mixed Portland, Oregon Wasabi Paddling Club Mixed
Zamboanga Paddling Club Portland, Oregon Zamboanga Paddling Club Mixed