Buy a lantern

Buy a lantern. Write a message on your lantern’s tag – write your wishes for a healthy and long future. Write a poem of remembrance. Write a name and nothing more. Write whatever you want – and fill the lantern with light.

From the start of the summer, the Victoria Dragon Boat Festival sells colourful Chinese paper lanterns at local Fairway Market stores, and Denny’s Restaurant. Each lantern comes with a paper tag, on which you can write a message as a tribute to anyone you knew who has been diagnosed with cancer.

Each year, thousands of people bring their lanterns to the Festival on Saturday night to display them on the water’s edge. The tag attached to each lantern bears a message of hope or remembrance for a person affected by cancer. This moving display honours their battles with cancer and shares their stories with the community.


Hang your lantern

Hang your lantern on the Friday afternoon and evening of the Festival, and join us to illuminate your hopes in a moving show of courage and community. At 8:30pm on the Friday evening of the Festival the lanterns will be illuminated, as thousands of fellow supporters look on.

Your lanterns remain hung throughout the Festival, and will be joined by hundreds over the course of the weekend. You can also purchase lanterns at the Festival from the BC Cancer Foundation tent.


Make a donation

All proceeds from lantern sales support the BC Cancer Foundation, an organization that supports world-class research taking place right here in Victoria.

You don’t need to wait until the Victoria Dragon Boat Festival to support this incredible organization, though – make a donation today.

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