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Our Policy

Your Rights and Responsibilities

All Festival volunteers bear certain rights and responsibilities. We ask that all volunteers abide by the following policies:

Volunteer Rights

  • To be treated with respect, and feel comfortable with bringing any concerns to the attention of Festival Officials
  • To feel safe and properly prepared while volunteering
  • To be properly informed of our policies and regulations
  • To feel comfortable with the tasks assigned and be able to request a change of crew depending on availability
  • To have the Festival Official’s expectations of them clearly explained, and be able to express their expectations to Festival Officials
  • To be recognized for their contribution to the festival
  • To have food and water provided at volunteer headquarters during shifts
  • To be provided a volunteer t-shirt

Volunteer Responsibilities

  • Be courteous and helpful to all members of the public and answer all questions to the best of your ability
  • Follow the instructions of Festival and Race Officials and Staff. If you have questions, seek clarification right away.
  • Know the site layout and the responsibilities of all crews
  • Behave in a respectful and courteous manner to spectators, paddlers, staff, and fellow volunteers
  • Check in and out for your shifts at the Volunteer Headquarters
  • Arrive for your shift 15 minutes early
  • Wear your Volunteer T-shirt while on shift
  • Contact your Festival or Race Official or the Volunteer Coordinator if you are unable to make a shift
  • Remain sober and substance-free during your shifts
  • Refrain from making personal calls or texting during your shifts
  • Complete a waiver
  • Complete and submit any necessary certification, including a Criminal Record Check for the Event Safety Crew or Serving It Right certificate for the Beer Garden Crew
  • Be a team player – we may need your help in other crews!